La Distribution

new distribution channels for web applications


social bookmarking
for the WordPress platform


technological strategy, on demand web development
for you, for your company

ZF WP plugin

a zest of Zend Framework power
for WordPress themes and plugins

UWA Widgets

a plugin for your WordPress dashboard

Minimal Themes

minimalistic themes
for your favorites web applications

DokuWiki OpenID

universal authentication on your wiki

About h6e

h6e is a Paris based individual company run by François Hodierne which started operating in January 2009.

The company focus on open source applications and platforms. Its primary aim is to incubate innovative projects like its flagship product La Distribution.

François is also available as a free-lance web developer with predilections for projects based on Zend Framework or Wordpress, and is of course fluent in PHP, HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Last but not least, François is available as a consultant, advising his customers on web technology strategy.

Open Source & Open Standards

We heavily use open source software and open standards.

We try to contribute at best to their respective ecosystems.


Don't hesitate to contact us by email:

  • contact at h6e dot net

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