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You can add some feedback there. Wiki style, just edit the page! –François

It is not working for me. I'm using the latest version of Dokuwiki and OpenID plugin, and I get Authentication Failed both with myopenid.com and yahoo.com identifiers. Any known issue I'm not aware of? I am willing to provide more info to diagnose the problem. – March 20, 2009 - AS

> Issue had been fixed in the beta2 release – March 23, 2009 - François

Hi. I'm using the latest Dokuwiki (dokuwiki-2009-12-25c.tgz “Lemming”) with the latest OpenID plugin. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. After authenticating nothing happens. I'm returned to the same page as before, not authenticated, no message displayed. I'd be happy to make it work. What more information can I provide? Thanks a lot. – Petr (you cay contact me at petr dot pudlak dot name slash contact)

> Issue had been fixed in the 2.1.0 release – April 01, 2010 - François

Edit me. –Yourname

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